EnerZam’s technology department specialises in software publishing specifically for asset management. It offers its clients the most suitable solutions for building management, industries or public sectors, the emphasis being especially in the field of energy management, facility management and computerized maintenance management.

Often, the implementation of a new tool can’t be enough to improve the operations of the company. Therefor, EnerZam will help customers with implementation, migration and the method of optimizing procedures and information flows within the company combined with the necessary training.

This section describes how to implement a new tool and data migration, as developed by the experienced team of EnerZam.


The introduction of new technology in an industrial environment must be effective and subject to a thorough analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to understand the existing environment in order to identify areas for improvement. Once the weak points are identified, it becomes easy to find the best solution and to quantify the gains expected by its implementation.

The implementation phase will introduce the selected solution from the analysis into the production without disrupting the company’s operations. Communication between the EnerZam implementation manager and the company’s project manager is permanent and ensures perfect cohesion between all stakeholders during the process.

The implementation steps include collecting data within the existing structure, analyzing and organizing this data, building the new structure and integrating new resources. At the end of the implementation phase, the solution is integrated into the company’s production process. Sometimes the old methods and new tool coexist for a certain period, the time to validate the configuration and the trained staff is operational.


For customers using old CMMS softwares, EnerZam offers data migration. The goal is to transfer existing data into the new solution. The data must be processed and transformed into the appropriate format for the database being used.

To be able to calculate comprehensive performance indices in any software, the data must follow some very specific rules. EnerZam’s database specialists have developed migration scripts that can detect all types of errors. During the migration phase, a file with all errors will be sent to the client and a correction session will be scheduled at cusyomer's convenience with one of our technicians. Once all errors are corrected, the final data migration will be scheduled.


The introduction of a new tool, new working methods or changes in maintenance procedures can’t succeed without the involvement of users. Training prepares users for change and transforming them into actors of success.

By learning the basics at the start of an implementation project, you and your organization will get a chancec to save effort, time, money, and minimizing problems down the road. For customers with pre-existing systems, training is great for educating new employees and expanding your use of the software to take advantage of new features and processes. EnerZam offers comprehensive training opportunities to meet the needs of any organization. Training is offered for all products at the following locations:

  • EnerZam’s Training Center (Montreal, QC)
  • Regional Training Centers (various locations throughout Canada and the US)
  • On-site (your location)
  • Remotely via the Internet

Choose Training to Meet Your Needs

Training for all major users is best on site, at the time that suits you best. Some of our clients begin by sending one or more person responsible for implementation to EnerZam's headquarters for an Introductory Training. An on-site or online meeting can then be organized to offer you personalized training and meet your specific needs. Specialist Training is ideal for customers with an existing system who want to expand the use and functionality of the software - such as locating new information, generating new reports, and taking advantage of built-in features.

Bundle Training with Services

To get your organization up to speed with your maintenance and/or facility management software, EnerZam recommends taking advantage of our Service Package. Whether you are looking to install a new system or optimize an existing one, these packages are designed to combine training and implementation services into one low-cost bundle — saving your company time and money.

For more details on the implementation, migration and training packages available please contact us.