Joule M&V


Energy is a growing cost item and a mission-critical commodity for many organizations today, therefore its efficiency is a critical component of our client’s sustainability strategy whilst offering favorable business benefits. Energy consumption is a significant operational expense item for most industries and in buildings making up about 20% of overall operating costs. While there is a growing need for energy efficiency, most organizations will need a strategic approach to energy management and will need to understand what technologies are available to drive energy efficiency.

UCtriX Inc over the last five years has collaborated with customers and government research centers in Canada and Australia to evaluate various methods, technologies, equipment and processes that are simple to implement with significant savings. A snap shot of the technology and methods used include Energy Simulation, Measurement and Verification, and Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics. All of them have the potential for significant energy savings, however the complexity to implement, collect, interact, and the need for expert interpretation proved challenging to most customers.

UCtriX recent analyses of public-domain whole-building M&V methods, focusing on more novel Automated M&V modelling approach that can be used with commercial BMS technologies or retrofit smart metering, as well as approaches that are documented in the literature, and/or developed by the academic building research community. We productized our research, a testing procedure and metrics to assess the performance of whole-building M&V methods. We then illustrate the test procedure by evaluating the accuracy of ten baseline energy use models, against measured data from a large dataset of buildings. The results of our study showed that the already available advanced interval data baseline models hold great promise for scaling the adoption of building measured savings calculations using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data or retrofitted wireless metering technology.

By applying the Joule M&V solution you are able to reduce recommissioning costs, optimize utility loads, increase equipment life by identifying faults°, improve tenant comfort, retention, and leasing rates; all while lowering carbon emissions.

Joule M&V systems are crucial for energy consultants, delivered as software as a service (SaaS) Joule M&V allow for a competitive edge. According to research conducted by Siemens, monitoring and targeting systems are the number one solution to deliver the fastest ROI for energy efficiency projects.

EnerZam, a leading energy engineering company says the payback time for energy consultants estimates approx 3 months.