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Commissioning (Cx)

Commissioning is a crucial step in realizing an energy efficiency project. This is why EnerZam is committed to offering optimal commissioning of your building’s mechanical systems. Our fully systemic approach to commissioning greatly distinguishes us from our competition. The success of any commissioning service is based on the comprehension of a set of factors that are in mutual relation with each other and have direct impact on the energy performance of your building.  Many companies offering commissioning services fail to consider these factors. While performing our commissioning assignments we are part of the project’s team by keeping a close eye on the design team and the mechanical engineering in order to insure the functionality of the project.

EnerZam’s team ensures the building will be able to perform as expected. The transition between the construction phase and occupancy by residents is crucial to certify the success of the building’s operation. Therefore, we will make sure the systems are correctly calibrated and they are functioning according to your expectations and those of the initial design. Furthermore, Enerzam makes sure the required information as well as the complete documentation for functional sequence testing are transferred to the building operators as simply as possible.

Advantages of a successful Commissioning:

  • An optimal performance of the building’s equipment
  • A reduction in operating cost and substantial energy savings.
  • Minimize the risk of future investment (new equipment, retro-commissioning)            
  • Assured comfort for your building’s occupants

Why choose EnerZam for your commissioning needs:

  • Assistance throughout the construction phase
  • Comprehension of all factors that influence the performance of your building
  • Feedback on potential savings (energy, CO2, costs)
  • Nothing is left to chance
  • Complete and detailed review of all the facets of your project (calculations, selections, control sequences) in order to work together and ensure a successful outcome.

Energy Audit

The EnerZam team is convinced that the key to successful systems performance improvement is through a precise evaluation of the mechanical system and an assessment of water and energy consumption. EnerZam uses approved procedures recognized by ASHRAE and IPMVP. A study can also be conducted in accordance to the ASHRAE 2nd edition (2011) for level 2 audits.

In order to best define a building envelope’s energy consumption, we make use of powerful energy simulation software for each of our energy audit projects. This tool combined with our knowledge and experience adds value to energy audit. Furthermore, our expertise as commissioning agents allows us to develop achievable long-term energy saving measures all the while considering your and your building's specific needs.

Energy Simulation

EnerZam uses an advanced approach to the simulation in order to evaluate the energy performance for any type of project, especially for new constructions. The outcome of a simulation project is a reduction of operating costs and a better management of investments toward the improvement of the building’s efficiency. This procedure ensures the value of your investment all the while reducing the building’s carbon footprint. Therefore, the EnerZam team has mastered the use of complex and specialized energy simulation software in order to create 3D thermal dynamic simulations.

Why conduct an energy simulation?

  • To predict and calculate the energy data before and after the improvement of performance measures are executed
  • To optimize the building construction
  • It is a small investment for future financial savings
  • For an overview of your building’s energy efficiency
  • To detect future investment needs
  • This service can also be used for the integrated design program offered by Hydro-Quebec

Technical reasons for conducting an energy simulation by EnerZam:

  • Reliable results and energy models based on our experience with over 20 simulation projects
  • Simulations performed in accordance to energy codes (ASHRAE, CNEB) for grant estimations
  • Simulations performed on an hourly base of 8 760 hours per year
  • An expertise in cost analysis based on the results of the simulation.
  • The simulation service combined with our commissioning expertise allows us to steer our clients toward long-term viable solutions.

Services rendered during a simulation:

  • Assistance and guidance throughout the energy simulation
  • Recommendations for performance measures and potential energy savings ($)
  • Assistance with the selection of the building's mechanical equipment
  • Support with managing grant demands and applications
  • Evaluation and configuration of the building's Control system
  • Critical and constructive discussions concerning the mechanical design and conceptions with the engineer responsible for the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) plans to ensure that the design caters to your needs
  • Putting energy efficiency and HVAC design at the heart of the analysis as early as the pre-design of the building

Recommissioning (RCx)

EnerZam’s personnel are accredited in Re-Commissioning (RCx) by the BEIE as well as Energir for their recommissioning grants.

Re-commissioning is intended for existing buildings needing an analysis of all the equipment’s performances as well as diagnostics of their deficiencies. The objective being to adopt and realize, thanks to outside help, a critical and objective evaluation of the way the building is being operated. To do so, we proceed with an operational investigation of all the building’s systems (ventilation system, heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning, etc.) in order to evaluate its performance and therefore offer guidance in enhancing the equipment’s performance.

Why should you proceed with a re-commissioning (RCx) service?

  • Minimal investment
  • Short-term return on investment (2-3 years)
  • Concentration on low-cost or no-cost measures
  • Re-commissioning has a direct impact on a building’s performance
  • Assistance with available grants

Why choose EnerZam for your re-commissioning?

  • EnerZam is accredited by the BEIE and Energir to conduct re-commissionings and apply for grants
  • A complete team of skilled engineers and technicians in all facets of HVAC: design, operation and control
  • Field staff and supervisors
  • Re-Commissioning (RCx) report to help you carry-out the suggested measure for optimazing your building's performance
  • Specialists in complex re-commissioning projects ie. heat recovery systems, geothermal systems, solar heating, VAV systems, etc.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) AND Accompaniment in ESCO Projects

EnerZam’s employees have a profound knowledge of ESCO project procedures and have helped many institutions, from call bids to the completion of the project.

We have the expertise to perform feasibility studies as well as advise our client on the contracts aspects of ESCO projects. We have developed our own tools for energy tracking with respect to the PIMVR in achieving energy-monitoring through Options A, B or C. Having PIMVR certified professionals in our team, possess the knowledge needed to accompany and guide you on an ESCO project all the while considering the impact of our advice on the entire life cycle of the project.

Incentives Management

EnerZam is well experienced with many different grant programs offered through organizations such as Energir, Hydro-Quebec, CMHC, BEIE, SaveOnEnergy and MEES. Our intention is to help you get the maximum in subsidies by coordinating a personalized approach to each case. This is why our grant management services guaranties enticing financial aid for your project. Through the incentive management, you can achieve the optimisation of your building’s energy performance by reducing the operation cost. Moreover, our grant management services can be additionally attractive for your rental projects as a result of our calculation for your return on investment.

EnerZam helps you to better invest.

Our seasoned experts accompany you throughout the identification processes and creation of documentary support needed to file for grants all the while minimizing technical and administrative errors which can cause delays during the grant procedure.

Our Service Packages

Optimizing the building energy efficiency is always more cost effective during the design phase than after the construction. Through a collaborative process with the client, architect, mechanical engineer, and the project manager, we help you identify and choose the best systems within your budget. Through a thermal dynamic hybrid simulation approach EnerZam can calculate the operating costs, applicable incentives, estimated investment costs, maintenance costs, return on investment, and the Net Present Value NPV associated with each proposed energy conservation measure.

EnerZam offers an interesting range of energy efficiency services for the existing buildings. These services are sorted in four categories including pre-design phase services, design phase services, construction phase services, and post construction services.

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