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McGill University


128,000 m2



EnerZam has been selected to carry out full commissioning on a heat recovery project for 13different buildings. By connecting multiple water cooling loops, installing new heat recoverychillers, installing new heat recovery coils, and reprogramming the controls for most ventilationsystems

Library John Abbot School

Commissioning, Major Renovation

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec


The John Abbott College Library is a three-story, century-old building with a renovation project tomodernize its HVAC systems. HVAC systems have been modernized to better meet the building’s heating,cooling and ventilation needs. The networking and security system has also been modernized. Ourcommissioning mission affects the entire project (excluding envelope). Even though we come in verylate, we have carried out a concept review to ensure the operability of the system. We will carryout all stages of commissioning during construction and post-construction.

Jésus Adolescent School

Commissioning, Grant Management

128,000 m2

Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, Québec

Des Chênes School Board

The Jesus-Adolescent school was the subject of an expansion and installation of several HVACequipment (boiler, aerothermal heat pumps, energy recovery ventilation systems, etc.). At first,Enerzam was commissioned to assist the client in the grant application process. She did an energystudy to validate the conditions of the financial assistance program and followed up on the process.Subsequently the client requested that Enerzam redraft the control sequences for the expansion.

La Ruche School

Audit Re-Commissioning

16,000 m2

Magog, Québec

Sommets School Board

EnerZam is carrying out a Re-Commissioning audit mandate at the Sports block of La Ruche high schoolin Magog. The building, built in 2011, is experiencing many comfort problems which led our client toask us for an audit assignment. We study the diagnoses of all of these problems as well as thecomplete diagnosis of the building. We are obliged to use all of our knowledge in the sizing andoperation of swimming pools (water treatment, filling and maintaining the water level, heating,cooling, ventilation, calculation of air conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification needs). We alsouse our knowledge in energy efficiency (geothermal energy and heat recovery) and in particularcontrol systems to meet this mission. We therefore carried out a complete study of the HVACinstallations which led to several interventions such as: reprogramming of the construction system,particularly for geothermal energy, air reblending, adjustment of schedules. The problems areresolved, the building more efficient and the customer in control of the operation

Extension - Primary School Desjardins (ASHRAE 2 N2)

Audit - Detailed simulation - Commissioning

1600 m2

Sherbrooke, Québec

Sherbrooke School Board

The Sherbrooke school board is planning the new construction of a school integrating an existingpart which will undergo a major renovation to accommodate a low temperature network. The projectprovides for a geothermal energy source with redundant gas boiler which will allow the building toaccess the BT (bi-energy) rate of Hydro-Sherbrooke.

Marie-Rivier School - Measure 50643

Étude énergétique - Commissioning

23,528 m2

Dummondville, Québec

Des Chênes School Board

Des Chênes School Board wishes to renovate the mechanical systems of its Marie Rivier high school inDrummondville. In particular, wants to remove the existing steam network that used to heat theschool. EnerZam performed a full commissioning mission (very close to improved) for this energysaving project.

Elementary School- Butler

Commissioning - ESCO project Consulting

128,000 m2

Butler, Québec

Eastern Townships School Board

The EnerZam team was selected for a full commissioning mission from the design phase to site visits1 year after the end of the work. Following an energy audit by the firm EnerZam, the school boarddecided to renovate the boiler room and install a ventilation system in the gymnasium at ButlerElementary School. The objective of the project is to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gasemissions and reduce operating costs

Elementary School - Drummondville

Commissioning - Audit

35,000 m2

Drummondville, Québec

Eastern Townships School Board

The Eastern Township school board commissioned us to carry out a plan audit of their new elementaryschool in Drummondville. This new building will accommodate 300 students in a structure comprising,among other things: 22 classes, a cafeteria, a library, a double gymnasium and an administrativeblock. The new school was to be ventilated (fresh air distribution), heated and tempered in summer.Technically, the mechanical solution adopted is partial geothermal energy with an accumulator and anelectric boiler in two-thirds redundancy which supply two water networks (north-south) and coils forpreheating the fresh air in the air units of the building. gymnasium and the rest of the school. Thewater networks serve several fan coils (FanCoil) which guarantee the thermal comfort of theoccupants in the different areas of the building.

Formation Center Paul-Rousseau


Drummondville, Québec

Des Chênes School Board

EnerZam performs a full commissioning mission (almost the enhanced level of LEED) for the expansionincluding commissioning of building mechanics. Note here that EnerZam team also received energysimulation missions to demonstrate compliance with the 2013-2020 PACC, drafting of the controlsequences and carried out the energy audit on the expansion plan and the existing building. whereEnerZam professionals have proposed the concept which is being installed at the moment.

Secondary School Richmond


5000 m2

Richmond, Québec

Estern Townships School Board

Richmond High School’s boiler room repair project aims to reduce energy consumption and GHGemissions while modernizing HVAC system controls The project aims to install partial geothermalenergy combined with electric boilers and thermal accumulators. The project also aims to change theclass fan coils and install electronic controls in these units.



Commissioning - Major Renovation

18,000 m2

Montréal, Québec

Devmont W8

Devmont is developing the new Westbury district in Montreal by constructing several buildings there:condos, park supermarkets and a Hilton franchise hotel. It is on the hotel project that EnerZam wasinvolved for an on-plan energy audit mission initially, and currently as commissioning agent. Thehotel will have 293 guest rooms, a swimming pool, a bar and restaurant area. The developer’s goal isto erect a building with low operation and construction costs while having an efficient building.


Commissioning - CMMS

24,000 m2

Montréal, Québec


The Vered group has built a 273-unit building in downtown Montreal (Dowd Street). The objectivebeing to have a rental building of very high quality, a particular effort has been put on thecomfort and intelligence of the building. In addition, the client had an energy efficiency objectiveto keep these operating costs under control (15% better than the CNEB). EnerZam has also integratedits WebSynco CMMS for maintenance management.

Dowd Street Development


27,000 m2

Montréal, Québec


EnerZam was commissioned to identify the potential for energy optimization. Through a collaborativeprocess, the EnerZam team was able to improve the energy efficiency of the project by 31%, comparedto the reference model compliant with the ASHRAE standard, from the design phase.

Complex Saint-Germain

ASHRAE Level II -Energetic Audit

3,500 m2

Montréal, Québec

Empire Building Management

The EnerZam team conducted an energy study on the five-story IMRB located at 11666 St Germain St,Montreal to assess the building’s energy performance. A dynamic thermal 3D simulation was carriedout to calculate the energy distribution of the building. The replacement of low-efficiency boilersby new condensing boilers was analyzed.

Mondev: 20 Maisonneuve

Energetic Simulation - Energetic Audit - Integrated Design

16,109 m2

Montréal, Québec


Residential building (154 units) of 16,109 m2 with centralized hydronic heating and cooling systemwith condensing boilers, chiller and high efficiency fresh air unit. (Fan coil in each apartment)Detailed simulation of the entire building and HVAC (with reference building ASHRAE 2007 for Energirand CNEB 2011 for CMHC). Our energy simulation with the ASHRAE 2007 reference building has beenrevised and validated by Energir and the client has obtained the entire subsidy.

507 Varennes

ASHRAE Level II - Energetic Audit- Re-commissioning Audit

2,800 m2

Longueuil, Québec

Denis Labelle

An energy audit and a commissioning visit were carried out for the residential building at 507, rueVarennes in Longueuil, in order to assess the energy impact of replacing the old boilers with newcondensing boilers. The old equipment dated from the construction of the building in 1979, thereplacement work began in January 2018.



Commissioning- Major renovation

8,920 m2

Montréal, Québec

Commercial résidentiel

After performing an ASHRAE level 2 energy audit, EnerZam assists the client in commissioning thesuggested performance improvement measures. This includes the installation of VAV boxes, balancing,the installation of 16 temperature probes, new control sequences and management of kW peaks byunloading the burner of the humidifier.

Old Zellers


5,000 m2

Montréal, Québec

Commercial résidentiel

The EnerZam team led a Re-Commissioning project at the Old Zeller building. The main measure ofRe-Commissioning was the optimization of the cycles and modulations of the chilled water group. TheRe-Commissioning was then carried out.

CBSA Saint-Stephen

Commissioning Joule Analytix


Canada Border Services Agency

The goal is to implement a continuous commissioning solution for the Canada Border Services Agency.An energy saving mission was carried out on this building one year before the start date of ourservice offering. So the customer did not expect us to find a problematic defect in the building. Inthe first report, we found 26 defects. Addressing these deficiencies would result in annual savingsof $ 8,000. This result illustrates the power of our automated fault detection and diagnosistechnique compared to conventional methods and insufficient data analysis in traditional energysaving missions.


Nordik Group - Spa-Nature Whitby

Commissioning - Major renovation

8,920 m2

Whitby, Ontario

Leisure and relaxation

The Nordik group is constructing a new Spa in Whitby, Ontario using BIM design / construction. Thenew project includes saunas, hammams, hot (40C), medium (25C) and cold (13C) outdoor pools. Thebuilding includes massage rooms, a restaurant, changing rooms, an indoor saltwater pool. In additionto the site energy simulation and grant management, EnerZam acts as an Cx agent from design throughoperation using our extensive Spa expertise to steer the project in the right direction. Our tasksare very close to the improved LEED V4 commissioning by adding the writing of customer needs,participation in the design base and the detailed review of plans and specifications (includingselection of equipment and control sequences), detailed review of shop drawings (not just for Cxneeds) and drafting of site maintenance ranges.

Groupe Nordik - Banyä


182 m2

Chelsea, Ontario

Leisure and relaxation

The Nordik Spa-Nature commissioned EnerZam to commission the new Banyä building. As part of ourmandate, we developed the Owner’s Project (OPR) requirements with the owner. We then carried out afirst energy simulation (IES-VE software) with the 3D Architectural model and developed the designbase (BOD)

Nordik - Spa-Nature

Feasibility study

Old Chelsea, Québec

Leisure and relaxation

Carry out a feasibility study for the conversion of Vapor Oil Boilers, in order to take advantage ofthe arrival of natural gas. EnerZam has been able to meet the demand by producing the analysisnecessary to substantiate and support the recommendations made to the client. The proposedrecommendation (among 3 different options) proposed a reduction in GHG emissions of 53.4 tonnes ofCO2 / year, by abandoning oil for natural gas and increasing the efficiency of the boilers. Our firmsuggested replacing an oil-fired boiler with a condensing boiler, connected to natural gas, whichcould also be used for the future thermal power plant project.

Spa Nordik


1,780 m2

Chelsea, Québec

Leisure and relaxation

The EnerZam team conducted a Re-Commissioning project at Spa Nordik. An ASHRAE level 2 energy auditwas carried out to enhance energy optimization. Using dynamic 3D thermal simulation, the EnerZamteam was able to more accurately assess the feasibility of performance improvement measures. Themain measure was to heat the terminal loop using the Air / Water heat pump. The Re-Commissioning wasthen carried out.

Spa Nordik- Agrandissement du vestiaire Boreal

Measurement &Verification -Re-cpmmissioning

330 m2

Chelsea, Québec

Leisure and relaxation

The Nordik Sap-Nature mandated the EnerZam team to execute the M&E plans and specifications and thecommissioning for the extension of their locker rooms. As the Nordik Spa-Nature has a greenenvironmental orientation, the design had to be eco-efficient and profitable.

Spa Finlandais


1,000 m2

Rosemère, Québec

Leisure and relaxation

After carrying out an energy study for the installation of a variable speed drive on the ventilationunit of the changing rooms, EnerZam carried out the commissioning. This project consists of 3 VFDsand the implementation of new control sequences. EnerZam designed the condensing boilers for poolheating, pool heat exchangers and outdoor floor heating. EnerZam also designed the monitoringplatform and improved the control sequences.

Federal and Municipalities

Très-Saint-Rédempteur - Church


800 m2

Très-Saint-Rédemtpeur, Québec

Municipalité Très-Saint-Rédempteur

The municipality of Tres-St-Rédempteur needed a Cx agent for a major renovation of the town’s churchin order to transform it into a multicultural center. The municipality of Très-St-Rédempteur hasmandated EnerZam to ensure the commissioning of geothermal wells with 4 OR heat pumps and theinstallation of a new BAS system. Our team brought its expertise to the commissioning of the projectas well as to identify gaps within the project and propose solutions and recommendations.

BGIS Rideau Falls


9,187 m2

Ottawa, Ontario

Brookfield BGIS

The Rideau Fall Labs building receives its heating via a district steam network and the piping is atthe end of its life. In the event of a broken piping, no replacement will be made since thereplacement cost would be too high compared to condensing boilers. Therefore, the project consistsof replacing the existing steam-water exchangers with new condensing boilers and installing a newcontrol system.

Canadian Space Agency

Energetic Audit HVAC

13,000 m2

Saint-Hubert, Québec

Natural Ressources Canada

Detailed simulation of the entire building (including extremely detailed thermal zoning) and HVAC(no reference building).

Asticou Center - Energy Audit ASHRAE Level 2

Energy audit - Energy simulation - Measurement and Verification

40,185 m2

Gatineau, Québec

Brookfield BGIS

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) commissioned EnerZam for an ASHRAE Level 2 energystudy as well as for measurement and verification. The objective of the project was to proposeperformance improvement measures to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissionswhile improving occupant comfort. The client’s goal with the M&V was to establish the real energybalance of the building. The energy study and the M&V, allowed us to establish a list of performanceimprovement measures proposing a reduction in consumption of 22% with savings of $ 169,436 per year,a return on investment of 15 years and reduction of greenhouse gases by around 263 tonnes of CO2. Weused our IES-VE simulation software to assess the effectiveness of the measures. The main measuresproposed were: the addition of a geothermal system, installation of variable speed drives on thewater towers, installation of solar domestic hot water preheating, addition of variable speed driveson the ventilation units, modification control sequences for the boilers in block 1100.

Swing Space - Terrasses des Chaudières


41,000 m2

Gatineau, Québec

Brookfield BGIS

EnerZam acted as Cx agent from the design phase to the construction phase. We wrote the MCx plan andspecifications; carried out all the steps of a basic Cx during the work and closure phase, inparticular: Cx meeting, assisted in pre-functional tests, organize and carry out functional testsand write our Cx report, including the log of problems, validation of training and review of O&Mdocuments. Through our MCx, we have covered HVAC equipment, control and lighting (especiallyemergency). We were mandated to carry out the commissioning of the HVAC systems of the new officespace after redevelopment. The redevelopment 2.0 project was carried out over 3 floors at 10 Eddy,Gatineau (Qc) and covered an office area of approximately 7,500 m2. The project consisted of theinstallation of more than 100 VAV boxes and 6 ventilation systems with VDF as well as the reuse ofexisting ventilation ducts. On the lighting side, all the fixtures have changed to LED.

College of the Canada Border Services Agency

System Studies

632 m2

Rigaud, Québec

Brookfield BGIS

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) commissioned EnerZam to conduct a study on theventilation and air conditioning system in the Campus Block B gymnasium of the College of the CanadaBorder Services Agency (CBSA) .The client identified comfort in both humidity and high temperature,summer and winter. We must also ensure that the installation and its new use comply with the freshair code.


Specific Engineering

Montréal, Québec

Brookfield BGIS

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions commissioned EnerZam to carry out a study aimed at improvingthe water make-up preheating of the two steam boilers supplying the humidification ramps of thebuilding’s air handling units. Premature wear has been observed on this equipment with replacementevery 2 years for at least 15 years according to building staff. We noticed that the 16th districtsteam boiler was in high demand and we saw an opportunity to save energy by recovering the heatdischarged by the combustion gases.

SQ Sherbrooke Headquarter


3822 m2/p>

Sherbrooke, Québec

SQI (Société Québécoise des Infrastructures)

The firm EnerZam was mandated by the SQI to carry out a refurbishment audit (RCx) on the building“Édifice Bertrand-Fabi” located at 40 Don Bosco Sud in Sherbrooke. EnerZam studied the heating, airconditioning and ventilation systems as well as the centralized control system in order to presentseveral measures to improve performance. EnerZam will be present during the implantation, transferand 24-month and 48-month follow-up phase.


Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Maintenance of control sequences

Laval, Québec


The Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital has several control systems for its mechanical equipment. For theoldest system, Auto Energy Company, the hospital does not yet have “Final As Built Plans” (TQC) ofthe control network. The Laval Integrated Health and Social Services Center commissioned EnerzamInc. to prepare an estimate for the development of TQC control plans.

CHSLD-La Pieta

Commissioning- Major Renovation

9,187 m2

Gatineau, Québec

CSSS Gatineau

The EnerZam team commissioned the geothermal system at CHSLD La Pieta for the CSSS de Gatineau. Ithad never been operational since its installation. The mandate included commissioning the system inheating and air conditioning mode, reviewing the design, defining the scope of work and functionalphases. We therefore carried out the calculations necessary to validate the selection of equipmentand then carried out site visits to ensure the conformity of the work. We also validated thebalancing reports. Finally, we were able to carry out the functional tests with the controlcontractor in 2 stages (1 for the heating season and 1 for the air conditioning season). A fewdeficiencies were raised and subsequently corrected. The geothermal system is now operating as itshould.


Esco Project Consulting - Measurement and Verification

Laval, Québec


The CISSS de Laval mandated the firm Enerzam to review the report of an SEA and issue a conciliationreport for this project. The objective of this report is to present to the ESE the position of theCISSS de Laval concerning the reconciliation of the energy savings of the project at the end of year2. This analysis has highlighted certain differences in the interpretation. of the contract forconstruction savings. As an external energy efficiency professional, EnerZam has had to addresscertain knowledge gaps in this area on the part of the SEE. We were able to identify someshortcomings; maintenance savings recorded during the installation phase, energy savings recorded inthe reconciliation of the first two years, the SEE uses the pre-project efficiencies and tariffs,adjustments (which lower consumption) not considered in the report presented by the SEE. Ourexpertise in this project will have enabled the public body to have an accurate picture of thesituation of its project. The conciliation made by EnerZam will also have made it possible tomaintain a good climate between the different parties.

Gatineau Hospital Emergency


45,000 m2

Gatineau, Québec

CSSS Gatineau

The EnerZam team carried out a recommissioning project at the Gatineau hospital for the CSSS deGatineau. Opportunities for energy savings have been found in the new construction of the ER. Therewere flaws in the way the design check worked. The EnerZam team also found great potential forenergy savings through re-engineering of control sequences and suggestions for retrofitting energyrecovery systems at Fluace Hospital. Many other opportunities for improved control have been found,involving all HVAC installations. We were also mandated for the Commissioning of the 2implementation phases. Our project manager managed the coordination of sub-contractors (control andbalancing) and ensured that customer requirements were met. With the help of this tool and theexpertise of the EnerZam team, the client had access to a continuous commissioning approach thatpushed their buildings towards excellence and guaranteed them a persistence of energy saved. EnerZamprovided engineering service on a monthly basis using this tool through the continuous optimizationoperation and Measurement and Verification (M&V).

Douglas Hospital

Measurement And Verification

63,115 m2

Ville Lasalle, Montréal, Québec

CIUSSS de l'Ouest de l'île de Montréal

Rivière-Des-Prairies Hospital

Measurement And Verification

50,000 m2

Montréal, Québec

CIUSSS Nord de l'île de Montréal

Expansion and redevelopment of the Montreal Institute of Cardiology

Energy Simulation - Measurement And Verification - Recommissioning - Grant Management

34,500 m2

Montréal, Québec

Institut de cardiologie de Montréal

This project involves the construction, redevelopment, expansion and consolidation of many sectors of the ICM. These sectors are: emergency, specialized ambulatory functions, the cardiovascular health training center, critical care units and administrative departments. EnerZam ensured the submission of grant applications to various organizations, including TEQ and Gaz Metro (Energir)

Santa Cabrini Hospital

Measurement and verification

34,104 m2

Montréal, Québec

CIUSSS de l'Est de l'île de Montréal

Youth Center Laval

Measurement and Verification - ESCO Project consulting

10,400 m2

Laval, Québec


Hull Hospital


42,000 m2

Gatineau, Québec

CISSS de l'Outaouais

This project involves the construction, redevelopment, The EnerZam team led a Re-Commissioning project at the Hull hospital. We have studied many HVAC systems including control sequences, fresh air re-balancing and a 3-way valve installation measure to control the hot loop

Sainte-Justine Hospital

Measurement and Verification - ESCO Project Consulting

70,000 m2

962,198$ économisés par an

Montréal, Québec

CHU Sainte-Justine

6,422,072$ Coût MEP

Centre Métropolitain de Montréal

Late Recommissioning

3,000 m2

Montréal, Québec

Centre Métropolitain de Montréal

An expansion took place in 2018. The building notably has 4 operating theaters (each with its own ventilation system and redundancy between them). The building is heated by electric baseboards and air conditioned by rooftop units. Everything is controlled by a centralized control system. We started by doing the expansion refit audit in order to use the contractors’ guarantees. We are awaiting the start of the refurbishment mandate for the rest of the building (existing and convalescent home) to allow occupants to enjoy an efficient and comfortable building.

Pierre-Janet Hospital

Measurement and Verification - ESCO project consulting

15,280 m2

Gatineau, Québec

CISSS de l'Outaouais

EnerZam is one of the experts in eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies listed in the Ecoleader Fund directory. As such, our services could be financed within the framework of a project submitted to the financing program of the Ecoleader Fund.

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