EnerZam Inc.

EnerZam is a company of the Uctrix group specializing in building energy efficiency and intelligent software solutions that help businesses to operate smarter, reduce operational costs and carbon footprints. Founded in2015, the EnerZam head office is located in the Old Port of Montreal, Cite Multi Media. After becoming well established in Quebec market, in 2019, EnerZam expanded into the Ontario Market when it opened its Toronto office.
  • The Engineering Division of Enerzam offers Commissioning (Cx), Re-Commissioning (RCx), M&V, Energy Audits and Simulation.
  • The Technology Division offers CMMS (Websynco), Continuous M&V, and 24/7 monitoring (Joule M&V) and performance management and data analysis (Joule Analytix)
Our services and tools are ideal for initiating an eco-energetic shift or for optimizing the energy performance of your project.
EnerZam is an engineering team—including energy efficiency specialists, mechanical engineers, commissioning agents, and energy simulation specialists—with high expertise in mechanical building engineering. We have contracts at the Federal (BGIS-NRCAN) and Provincial levels with many private and public infrastructures. EnerZam’s goal is to support a design team or building owners regarding the energy efficiency of their buildings and their impact on the environment.
EnerZam is a multi-skilled company with expertise in the engineering and software development fields. Following our objective of continuous building improvement, we have created a technology division that designs modular smart software solutions to meet specific customer needs:
  • WebSynco is a modular asset management software (CMMS).
  • Joule M&V provides continuous measurement and verification with 24h/7 remote monitoring. Joule Analytix increases functionality, data analysis, and project administration.
Together, the building engineering and technology divisions of EnerZam provide an energy saving and smart approach to buildings, and meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Our Team

Mehrdad Rizi


Since 2006, Mehrdad has been a technology investor in start-up companies and green technologies. He attended Bishop University BSc (Physics) in 1982 and started his first company in 1987 through which he represents companies from Canada, U.S.A , U.E.A., Brazil, and Mexico in Russian and Canadian markets for oilfield equipment, agri-food, textiles, and telecom equipment. He is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned executive with over 30 years of operational and transactional experience. Mehrdad is an active member in the technology community and frequently acts as coach and mentor to young entrepreneurs. Based on his years of experience, he can intuitively recognize the threads of opportunity that exist in a complex organization, bring them together into a rational whole, and help others to extend their thinking and improve their businesses. He is an inspirational leader who can inspire action with his stories, while at the same time, remain grounded in the financial information that can lever business opportunities.
Cédric is a mechanical engineer and an expert in commissioning building equipment. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (France) and has been practicing engineering since 2007. He is a member of the OIQ and the AEE and holds the following certifications: CBCP, CMVP, and EMIT. Cédric also is an accredited building release agent. Previously, he worked as an Energy Performance Analyst at the Johnson Control Company, which enabled him to develop expertise in steam, cold water, hot water, and heat recovery on hydronic loops; and expertise in monitoring the performance of ESCO projects and in the risk management associated with energy projects. Since January 2015, Cédric has been EnerZam’s General Manager. His in-depth knowledge of building systems mechanics enables him to analyze and be critical in the execution of his mandates, which makes him a qualified, dedicated, and trusted mechanical engineer. In particular, Cédric has carried out several commissioning mandates in several sectors, including health, education, institutional, government, and private.

Cédric Ropartz - Eng.

General Manager

Shani Pierre-Ruddock - Eng.

Dir. Technology Division

Shani began her career in 2013 when she was hired by the UCtriX group as a maintenance system implementation specialist, due to her training in mechanical engineering. As the Director of the Technology Division, she manages the development and delivery teams. She coordinates projects by working closely with EnerZam’s clients and ensures that the scope of work runs smoothly and timely. Shani also is experienced at overseeing that budgetary objectives are achieved both for clients and EnerZam. She is responsible for the overall direction, management, coordination, implementation, execution, control, and completion of specific projects; and for ensuring consistency with EnerZam’s internal strategies, commitments, and objectives.
Antony is an International Business Management graduate from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK). He currently oversees sales and marketing in both divisions at EnerZam – Engineering and Technology. His sales and account management experience spans a wide variety of industries from tech to active skincare, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare SaaS. With over 650 new clients and $8.5M USD generated annually in gross bookings at Uber Eats, Antony makes sure to forge strong relationships with his clients and enjoys networking in a plethora of industries and with individuals from different backgrounds. Antony also managed 8 major Canadian accounts at L’Oréal for one of the fastest-growing active skincare brands in the industry, CeraVe. Antony’s grit, professionalism, and passion make him an asset at EnerZam.

Antony Rizi

Sales and Marketing Manager

Building Engineers

Julien Hervé - Eng.

Regional Director - Engineering Dept.

Julien Hervé is a professional engineer and member of the OIQ. For the last eight years at Uctrix and Enerzam, he has been working as a CVAC project manager in energy efficiency. He’s a great team leader. Over the years, he has developed a solid knowledge in equipment design, energy savings calculations, and cost estimates for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)-related projects. His experiences in both Europe and Canada give him additional expertise in HVAC systems. In addition, Julien excels in supporting his clients with their most complex mandates. He meticulously applies EnerZam’s work methodology to the development and search for new solutions. Julien has carried out several mandates of measurement and verification (M&V) and support of ESCO projects, in particular for health centers. He also has cutting-edge expertise in the spa industry. His professionalism and commitment enable him to always produce high-quality technical work.

Arnaud Jacob - Eng.

Simulation Specialist

Arnaud Jacob has worked as an energy management professional in Montreal for nine years. In his previous role at Johnson Controls, he gained an in-depth knowledge of M&V methodologies in his work with performance monitoring missions on ESCO projects. He also has been involved in the development of tools for energy-saving projects in the commercial and residential sectors. Since he joined the EnerZam team in 2017, Arnaud has developed an expertise in the field of energy simulation, including some of the most advanced modelling tools in the market. Currently, he is engaged in both energy audit projects and standard compliance demonstrations for LEED projects and grants. These missions require a comprehensive understanding of the CWB and the ASHRAE codes, which he has mastered perfectly.

Dana McCormark

Commissioning Expert (Cx) - Toronto

For the last 20 years, Dana McCormack has worked as an energy management professional. In her previous roles with Johnson Controls, Enbridge Gas, and Toronto Hydro, Dana developed an in-depth knowledge of energy conservation measures at facilities in all major sectors. Her extensive experience includes project development, measurement and audit, project management, commissioning, performance optimization, incentive support, and program delivery. She continues to share her expertise and develop her skills with the EnerZam team on a variety of projects, including commissioning (Cx), re-commissioning (RCx), and monitoring and evaluation services. She works in EnerZam’s Toronto office and reports to Executive Director Cédric Ropartz.

Technology Engineers

Daniel Frankland

MSc. Engineer Physics

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Montreal University and a Master of Engineering Physics from École Polytechnique de Montréal. He is a seasoned Full-Stack developer who joined UCtriX 13 years ago. He is a professional programmer and expert in Java C, C++, JavaScript, and Microprocessor. His skills and experience make him an essential member of the technology team. He has years of experiences and works closely with the development and delivery teams. He always is keen to provide solutions that solve EnerZam’s customers’ specific needs.

Hamza Rasaee

Director Of Product Development

Presently, Hamza is pursuing his Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering at Concordia University. He has more than 10 years of practical experience in electrical engineering and software development. He also is a specialist in microcontrollers and has designed many integrated circuit boards (ICs) for different purposes. He is an expert in programming such as Java C, C ++, C #, and JavaScript. He has experience in the automation industry, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. Currently, he is the Product and Software Development Team Leader at EnerZam. His extensive experience in programming and electrical engineering makes him an asset to EnerZam.

EnerZam is one of the experts in eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies listed in the Ecoleader Fund directory. As such, our services could be financed within the framework of a project submitted to the financing program of the Ecoleader Fund.

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