A Hybrid Approach for Smart Buildings

EnerZam is all about the Mechanical Engineering Services and Technology Solutions for your efficiency projects
Our expert services for commissioning:
  • A Complete Commissioning for your building whether existing or under construction
  • Our Multi-talented Teams work cross functionally to ensure that the optimization of your building is done effectively and thoroughly
Our technologies solutions:
  • WebSynco CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Joule M&V continious measurement and verification with 24h/7 remote monitoring
  • Joule Analytix increases functionality, data analysis, and project administration

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Cité du multimédia
Suite 204, 50 rue Queen Street
Montreal, QC
Canada, H3C 2N5
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EnerZam is one of the experts in eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies listed in the Ecoleader Fund directory. As such, our services could be financed within the framework of a project submitted to the financing program of the Ecoleader Fund.

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