Simulation Énergétique


Only in 2015 and 2016 EnerZam has performed over 1,280,000 ft2 of energy simulation resulted in approximately $317,000 of energy saving and 272 tons of CO2 emission reduction. EnerZam uses an advanced simulation approach to evaluate the energy performance of any building and to harness building potentials for energy saving. Modelling accurate building geometry, defining advanced algorithms for HVAC systems, introducing the regional climatic data, advanced controllers, detailed configuration of building assemblies, building scheduling, advanced solar analysis, as well as collaboration of diverse expertise at EnerZam during the modeling process would result in a comprehensive energy model with +/- 5% margin of error. Simulation is performed on an hourly basis (8,760 hours/year).

The EnerZam team has mastered the use of the 3D simulation software, and in-house advanced processes to conduct thermal dynamic 3D simulations. The simulation can be used to project the energy performance of a building before and after the implementation of energy conservation measures or any construction project. It would be more cost effective when the energy efficiency approaches are considered at the design phase. This service gives the clients an overview on how their building operates and on the necessity of investments in the future. Professionals at EnerZam perform a complete assessment along with an energy simulation of the initial situation followed by the suggestion of energy conservation measures (savings, investments, incentives). 

This approach enables EnerZam to compare the results obtained from the energy model with the actual building energy consumption. For example, the energy model shows the distribution of energy consumption needed for each room, hours that the building requires cooling or heating, peak of electricity demand, etc. Therefore, by having the reasonable energy consumption per device/area, the experienced commissioning agents at EnerZam can easily detect any over consumption as well as the possible failures. 

EnerZam team would provide recommendations for energy saving along with accurate cost estimation to solve each failure. The investment cost, the energy saving ($), applicable governmental incentives, and the payback period for the implementation of each recommendation are calculated accordingly. This whole process results in the reduction of operating costs, the better management of investments in building improvements and ensures the sustainability of the value of the investment all the while reducing carbon footprint of the building.