Recommissioning (RCx)

As a re-commissioning agent EnerZam analyzes the performance of all equipment in your building (start/stop, operating sequences, comfort, etc.). EnerZam diagnoses deficiencies and offers both low investment and fast investment return (payback of 2 to 3 years). EnerZam is accredited to the BEIE and Gas Metro for their incentive programs. So far, EnerZam has conducted approximately 1,075,000 ft2 of energy simulation (8 buildings) which resulted in over 11,880 GJ ($132,000) of energy saving, and 287 tons of CO2 emission reduction.

A recommissioning consists of investigating the operation of all building systems in an existing construction. They usually focus on the mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, domestic water, etc.). The goal is to bring in a fresh pair of eyes and perform a critical assessment of how a building operates. We ensure that equipment functions adequately according to the use of each zone and various site constraints. As opposed to conventional energy audits which focus on global energy conservation measure, a recommissioning focuses on low cost/no cost measures which have direct consequences on building performance (i.e. replacement of leaking valves, simultaneous heating and cooling of the same zone, etc.).