Spa Finlandais

Project Type: Commercial

Surface Area: 1,000 m2

Service Offered: Recommissioning (RCx), Commissioning (Cx)

Project Start Date: September 2015

Project Completion Date: December 2016

Brief Scope Description, Challenges and Solutions:

Spa Finlandais is one of the EnerZam’s main customers. EnerZam has been involved in different phases of this project including commissioning, Design, and re-commissioning EnerZam. Designing of the condensing boiler, the heating power of exchangers for the outdoor hot pool, and the control sequences as well as changing the design of supervision were part of this mission.

After doing an energy study to implement the VFD solution for the changing room ventilation systems, EnerZam commissioned the project. The project includes the installation of the three VFD and the implementation of new control sequences.

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