La Pieta

Project Type: Health Sector

Surface Area: 10,000 m2

Service Offered: Commissioning

Project Start Date: July 2015

Project Completion Date: June 2016

Brief Scope Description, Challenges and Solutions:

The EnerZam team performed a commissioning of the geothermal system at CHSLD La Pieta for the CSSS of Gatineau that has never been operational since its installation. This mandate was to commission the system in heating and cooling mode through the re- design, installation and functional phase. In the re-design phase, we ensure that the equipment selected meet the requirements. During installation phase we performed site visits to confirm the installation was correctly done. We also revised and confirmed the balancing report. Finally, we did a functional test with the control contractor in two visits (one for heating season and one for cooling season). Some deficiencies were notice and corrected afterwards. At the end, the geothermal system was working as it should.