Gatineau Hospital

Project Type: Health Sector

Surface Area: 45,000 m2

Service Offered: Recommissioning (RCx), Commissioning (Cx)

Project Start Date: January 2015

Project Completion Date: November 2016

Brief Scope Description, Challenges and Solutions:

Moreover, EnerZam conducted an Eco-design concept through a deep building retrofit. Replacement of the whole HVAC system was the main action performed. So, commissioning is done for that deep retrofit project. It contains four new rooftops, a new hydronic loop, new boiler, Air thermal system, and new control system.

Also, the EnerZam Team performed a recommissioning project at the Gatineau Hospital for the CSSS of Gatineau. Such studies are extensive in nature, and conducted according to the guidelines dictated by the ASHRAE standard. The goal of such projects is to find ways to either create energy savings, improve occupant comfort or simplify building operations with measures involving low initial investment. These measures usually revolve around the Building Automation Systems and the optimization of its control sequences.
The process of a recommissioning project involves four (4) distinct steps that have to be followed to ensure project success: planning, investigation, implementation, and transfer and sustainability.

A thorough assessment of the current state of the control sequences was performed by the EnerZam team through on-site visits and the inspection of initial condition of the physical equipment. EnerZam’s technical employees scanned through the systems’ programming to identify ways to optimize the control sequences. With their holistic approach, the project team was able to suggest measures that generate proven energy savings while maintaining or even improving occupant comfort and building operations. Opportunities for energy savings were found in the newly constructed Emergency where initial design of control sequences were flawed. The EnerZam team also found large potential energy savings by re-engineering the control sequences and by suggesting retrofit work on the Hospital’s Fluace heat recovery system. Numerous other opportunities to re-work current control sequences were found, touching all HVAC systems. Through the last two (2) phases, coordination with sub-contractors (such as the Controls and Air Balancing companies) was necessary. The Project Manager was present for all sub-contractor work to ensure client requirements were met.

This project was performed with the help of the DABO/Joule AnalytiX platform. This tool is an Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic AFDD software that acquires data from the BMS/BAS system and automatically detects faults based on advanced analytics developed by energy efficiency specialists. The rules and calculations applied are based on ASHRAE standards, industry standards, and more. This solution can pinpoint which systems and/or equipment have irregularities, with prioritization based on energy cost, severity, and occupant comfort impact.
With the help of this tool and EnerZam’s team of experts, clients have access to an on-going commissioning approach that will push their building to excellence and will guarantee the sustainability of their energy savings. EnerZam provides a monthly engineering service to its customers through this tool to ensure optimized operations and real-time M&V.

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