Eco-DesignEnergy SimulationFinancial ConsultationIncentive Management

275-Units MURB New Construction

Project Type: Residential

Surface Area: 27,000 m2

Service Offered: Energy Optimization, Energy Simulation, Financial Consultation, Incentive Management

Project Start Date: November 2016

Project Completion Date: December 2017

Brief Scope Description, Challenges and Solutions:

EnerZam conducted an energy study on this 275-unit new construction residential building (27,000m2) to identify energy optimization potentials. Through a collaborative process between the owner, the architect, the engineer, and EnerZam engineers, the team could improve the energy efficiency of the project by 31% compared to the reference model in compliance with the ASHRAE standard as early as the design phase. Thermal dynamic 3D simulation approach was performed for the feasibility study. This energy study was performed to fulfill the requirements of Hydro Quebec for the integrated design option program. Application of VRF system, 4-pipe hydronic loop, HRV for each apartment, heat recovery system, High efficiency makeup air unit, condensing boilers, highly insulated wall and roof, and energy star windows were the measures studied. A detailed financial analysis was conducted for each measure. The team also carried out a detailed energy simulation to calculate the ASHRAE loads for each area. This action helped the engineering team to have a reasonable system loads as early as the budgeting phase. The study results that by application of recommended measures the building would annually save around $138,000 energy as well as a significant amount of grants from incentive providers. This investment is estimated to have a payback of around 6.3 years. After completion of phase one of the project, the team would apply for these governmental incentives. Controls, plans and specs are another part of their mandate for this project.