Energy SimulationFinancial ConsultationIncentive Management

22-Storey MURB New Construction

Project Type: Residential

Surface Area: 17,400 m2

Service Offered: Energy Optimization, Energy Simulation, Incentive Management

Project Start Date: November 2015

Project Completion Date: May 2016

Brief Scope Description, Challenges and Solutions: 

EnerZam Carried out energy Simulation for this 140-unit new construction residential building (17,400 m2) to identify energy optimization potentials at the design phase. At the beginning of the project EnerZam team investigated the feasibility of installation of LG MULTI-V system versus fan coil solution. The installation of high-efficiency condensing boiler, 90% efficiency rooftop burner, and the fan-coil solution were the main proposed suggestions for this project. EnerZam compared the proposed design to the National Building Code 2011 and to the ASHRAE 90.1.2007 standard to analyze the savings. EnerZam performed the energy simulation in order to evaluate the energy performance of the proposed design and to apply for the CMHC and Gas Metro programs. Given the amount of operating savings and the amount of governmental incentives for the proposed improvements, EnerZam carried out a detailed financial analysis to help the customer in decision making. At the end of the construction, EnerZam would perform a commissioning visit to ensure a proper implementation of all technologies.

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