Incentive Management

Obtaining around one million dollars of governmental energy efficiency incentive, EnerZam is experienced with several energy programs such as Hydro Quebec, CMHC, Gas Metro, BEIE, SaveOnEnergy, etc. EnerZam helps its clients to apply for the maximum amount of incentives applicable to their situation. Incentive Management would not only bring a great amount of financial aid to the projects, it will optimize the building energy performance which reduces the operating costs. Incentive management is more beneficial for rental projects. Given the payback time, EnerZam can help you invest better.

EnerZam can apply on behalf of the client for energy efficiency incentives as well as tracking and co-operating during the review process for approval of application. So far EnerZam has helped a number of client secure important grants with hydro and gas companies in Ontario and Quebec. The team assisted the client in identifying and generating supporting documentation required.