On-Going Commissioning Using Joule AnalytiX

Mastering the use of In house developed AFDD tool, Joule Analytix, EnerZam will continuously discover any problematic failures related to your HVAC system. Joule AnalytiX portraits the 21st century’s vision of energy efficiency.

Joule AnalytiX is the evolution of DABO, an Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic technology originally developed by Natural Resources Canada – CanmetENERGY with over 20 years of R&D invested to create technology that conserves energy in buildings.

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Why EnerZam?

Enerzam is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada. Having fundamental integrated services including energy audit and energy simulation, building commissioning and recommissioning, measurement and verification, incentive management, energy efficiency consulting, and technical diagnostic synergistically assists our holistic methodology towards the improvement of the building envelope and systems efficiency. Our commissioning services are beyond building systems and HVAC systems. It includes building envelope, communication and technology systems.x

EnerZam conducts the on-going commissioning mission using Joule analytix solution, a web-based platform driven by a knowledge and analytic based energy module integrated with DABO. DABO is an intelligent automated fault detection and diagnostic agent software developed by Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY (Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development) with over 20 years of R&D invested. This software enables real time monitoring on the mechanical systems’ operation in the building towards building energy management, real-time energy efficiency monitoring and building performance optimization by eliminating over time operational deviations and failures. Having Joule Analytix solution, EnerZam contends to be unique in on-going commissioning by offering the most accurate and financially beneficial approach.

Enerzam provides a full range of engineering and consulting services including tendering services, feasibility study, design, and reports until the completion level of the project. We are certified IPMVP and we are experienced as contractual consultants for many of numerous projects. Our company provides comprehensive measurement and verification services utilizing our custom-made tool in line with the IPMVP protocols and M&V guidelines in order to perform monitoring according to Options A, B, or C.

Enerzam energy engineers are experienced in a variety of energy modeling and thermal dynamic 3D simulation computer programs. This service provides the client a comprehensive knowledge of their building performance operation along with an energy simulation followed by the suggestion of energy conservation measures (savings, investments, incentives). Our energy audit and analysis assists our clients to apply for certain governmental energy efficiency incentive programs such as CMHC, GasMetro, etc. Our energy simulation method is well-recognized by the LEED/BREEAM certification programs. We’re eager to discover new solutions to add values to our clients while providing services in the most efficient, effective and beneficial possible ways worldwide.


Our Expertise Distribution

EnerZam is a multi-disciplinary company including mechanical engineers, architects, building engineers, and experienced technicians. Here is the distribution:

Mechanical Engineers
Building Engineers
Energy Specialists

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