Energy Audit

EnerZam performs energy audit to help its customers to reasonably invest and renovate their buildings. Using an advanced thermal dynamic 3D simulation solution, EnerZam is able to investigate any type of energy conservation measure. Therefore, any recommended measure is supported by a detailed financial analysis including installation costs, applicable incentives, and operation savings. So far EnerZam has conducted approximately 600,000 ft2 of energy Audit (8 buildings) which resulted in over 14,000 GJ ($215,000) of energy saving, and 508 tons of CO2 emission reduction.

EnerZam’s team strongly believes that an initial assessment and appropriate calibrated energy and water summary is the key to any Resource Conservation Measures RCMs development. Using an advanced hybrid approach would make it possible for us to evaluate and characterize the building’s envelope performance in the most efficient way. EnerZam can leverage its knowledge in thermal dynamic simulation to accurately size the needs of any building. EnerZam makes use of approved processes, standard approaches recognized by guidelines such as ASHRAE and IPMVP as well as state-of-the-art. Pre-feasibility studies will be carried out in accordance with ASHRAE Procedures 2nd Edition (2011) guidelines for a Level 2 Audit.