Yannick Auger (P.Eng)

Proposed Role/Responsibility: Senior Project Manager / Senior Mechanical Engineer

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering with Entrepreneurship, Certified Engineer with OIQ (P.Eng).

Years of Relevant Experience: 5 years of experience in HVAC Building Automation.

Email: yauger@enerzam.com

Tel: +1 (819) 921 1865

Yannick worked at Regulvar Canada Inc where he took experience and developed strong knowledge in project management, commissioning, automation solution and implementation of sequence of operation on complex projects for institutional, municipal and commercial buildings. With its knowledge, he will add expertise to the team in HVAC and Building Automation. Yannick is responsible for mandates like Commissioning, Re-Commissioning, Energy Audit and M&V for various clients in the region of Ottawa/Gatineau.

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