Nassim Masoudifar

Proposed Role/Responsibility: On-Going Commissioning Expert / Energy Simulation Specialist

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Building Engineering,  LEED GA

Years of Relevant Experience: 3 years in building architecture and building mechanics


Tel: +1 (438) 349 5349

Given 3 years of experience in building architecture and building mechanics Nassim is an energy simulation specialist. She is a key member of the team who adds her building engineering knowledge to EnerZam’s HVAC expertise to create a synergy that serves clients in renovation or new building projects. Nassim is involved in Energy Audit projects where she is in charge of the building’s annual and monthly energy use trends evaluation. She analyzes the effectiveness of energy conservation measures and assesses new and existing technologies using a 3D dynamic building energy simulation software. She gives the opportunity to the client to make decisive choices through energy simulations for energy savings. She is also in charge of on-going commissioning projects.

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