Laurent Nonclercq

Proposed Role/Responsibility: Energy Efficiency Project Manager / Designer and Technologist

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en génie climatique (France)

Years of Relevant Experience: 15 years experience in building engineering and mechanics


Tel: +1 (514) 942 0102

having 15 years of experience in building engineering and mechanics, Laurent has acquired expertise on every stage of a HVAC project. 3 years experience in the cost estimation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and control systems in various sectors including offices, hospitals, laboratories. Also, 3 years as a design engineer and 4 years as project manager. His critical thinking enables him to propose reliable and cost effective energy savings measures. He can conduct a wide range of projects including energy audits, Measurement & Verification, commissioning and re-commissioning services in the Montreal area.