Laurent Nonclercq

Proposed Role/Responsibility: Energy Efficiency Project Manager / Designer and Technologist

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Professional Licence in climate engineering from France


Tel: +1 (514) 942 0102

Years of Relevant Experience: Accumulating over 15 years of experience within mechanical engineering companies

Accumulating over 15 years of experience within mechanical engineering companies, Laurent has acquired an expertise on all stages of HVAC construction projects as well as HVAC cost estimation. His knowledge of European systems mixed with Canadian guidelines is an important asset for EnerZam from both the design aspect as well as the resolution of malfunctions on existing systems. His ease on the field as well as his critical thinking allows him to suggest energy saving measures that are both reliable and efficient. He can accomplish a large range of mandates going from Energy Audits with suggested measures, performance measuring and verification and commissioning services in the Montreal area.

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