Arnaud Jacob (Jr. Eng)

Proposed Role/Responsibility: Energy Efficiency Project Manager

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Master of electrical engineering, master of civil/water engineering

Years of Relevant Experience: 5 years experience in the building energy efficiency projects


Tel: +1 (514) 980 1826

He holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from France. Arnaud completed his studies with a Master of Science degree in civil water engineering from the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom). His experience in building energy includes three years as an energy performance analyst for the Montreal branch of Johnson Controls. During this mission he conducted measurement and verification in compliance with the IPMVP protocol to ensure that the savings obtained by the energy efficiency projects were in accordance with the guarantees of the contracts. After that he joined M.A. Baulne’s Optimization Department, where by conducting audits, identifying the most cost-effective measures, managing grants, and developing energy studies he played a great role as an energy efficiency analyst.