Ali Sehizadeh

Proposed Role/Responsibility: Energy Simulation Specialist / Building Engineer

Education and Relevant Qualifications: Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture in Technology, and Master of Building Engineering

Years of Relevant Experience: 4 years in the Eco-designing and the building performance optimization


Tel: +1 (514) 660 9076

Ali is an experienced architect/building engineer who has mainly focused on designing sustainable low-energy buildings. He has obtained his Master’s in Technology of Architecture from the University of Nottingham. After achieving a qualitative knowledge in designing energy efficient buildings Ali has obtained his second master’s in building engineering from Concordia University in order to improve his overall knowledge in the quantitative energy analysis. With experience in successfully delivering more than 600,000ft2 of energy simulation projects in different sectors, particularly multi-unit residential buildings, Ali would be a suitable team member for this research project. By energy auditing and optimization at EnerZam so far he has helped several clients obtain more than $200,000 of energy incentives. He has an in depth knowledge in modeling any type of HVAC system as well as ASHP and GSHP. Moreover, Ali has a comprehensive knowledge of building envelopes, renewable energies, and durability analysis.