2013 – 2020 Climate Change Action Plan

Examples of regulations on the Government Buildings: According to PACC 2020

“The construction of new buildings in the public and parapublic sectors and the expansion of or major renovations in existing buildings will be subject to new government standards.

  1. Starting in 2016, new buildings must use renewable energies to operate their heating systems, in particular geothermal, solar or wind power, or hydroelectricity.
  2. Moreover, their energy performance must surpass by 20% the requirements of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 (NECB).
  3. As for existing buildings, the government is seeking to replace by 2020 heating systems that use heavy or light fuel oil as the main source of energy with systems that rely on the forms of energy mentioned earlier.”


EnerZam can contribute its experts to:

  • Developing Eco-Energy and conversion measures to renewable energies.
  • Evaluating applicable incentives
  • Conducting detailed simulation and proposing energy conservation measures to bid the NECB by 20%
  • Commissioning (Cx) of the measures and conversions
  • Validating the operation and improving the HVAC control sequences
  • Implementation of M & V to to verify the saved CO2

Energy Efficiency is the core of our business. We help the client, the architect, and the mechanical engineer to make better decisions. We look at the project from a different angle and we offer them the cost effective solutions related to energy efficiency. Before taking any further action, let us investigate the benefits of combining the proposed intervention with the implemented Measures . Conducting a feasibility study as a preliminary step to any conversion ensures you on the benefits of the conversion.